Intuitive Eating: 7 Resolutions to Help Make it Stick

Like anything, Intuitive Eating takes practice.  The New Year is a wonderful time to take stock of your life and habits. It’s fun to make resolutions to help get your year started off on the right foot. How many times have we vowed to jump on the latest diet craze in the new year only to feel frustrated and ditch it by February? If you have jumped off this diet merry-go-round to listen to your body instead, consider a different and more empowering set of resolutions that will help you practice this new set of habits. To learn more about intuitive eating, click here!


7 New Years Resolutions for the Intuitive Eater 1

Make 2019 your year for intuitive eating success by letting your body take control.

Here are SEVEN Tips to help YOU, the intuitive eater, get started:


1. I will set aside time to practice having at least one mindful meal each week.

2. I will pack snacks with me in my car so I can listen to my body’s hunger when it shows up.

“I will embrace my sparkle!”

7 New Years Resolutions for the Intuitive Eater 2

3. I will unfollow. social media that stirs up negative body thoughts for me. This is not “inspiration” it’s body-shaming.

4. I will try one new food each month. Since I know variety is an important aspect of nutrition and a key to enjoying freedom with food and honoring my cravings.

three women cooking in kitchen

Cooking new foods can be great fun when friends join in.

5.  I will practice using my voice and say no to food police. If someone is making food judgements about what I’m eating I’ll speak up for myself by responding, “all food is fuel”, “my body knows what to do with this”, “my body isn’t open for public discussion” or other statements that let them know their food-policing isn’t welcome. Click here to learn more about food policing.

6.  I will let go of food obsession and focus on what makes my heart happy. Instead of pouring energy into another fad diet or carefully controlling food I will sing more, spend more time nurturing relationships, plan a future vacation I’ve dreamed of or read that book I’ve been putting off.

Children know how to sparkle.  How did we forget?

7 New Years Resolutions for the Intuitive Eater 3
a child w a look of wonder on her face

7.  I will embrace my *sparkle*. Instead of minimizing myself to protect others’ feelings, I give myself permission to shine just as I am (not 10 lbs. from now!). I embrace my quirks, my passions, my inner beauty, my personality and I’m going to celebrate it and encourage others to do the same.

Your turn! How will you take steps towards being an intuitive eater in 2019? For guidance and support while you follow your resolutions, contact the Ruby Wellness Team today!

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