Sometimes, feeling like you have adequate support in your health journey can be difficult. To address this, Ruby Health and Wellness periodically offers virtual or in-person adult classes. The best class is the one that addresses your concerns. Look at the current offerings and check back often to see what’s available!

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Eat, Breathe, Thrive Class Series!

Join Natalie Murphy for a 7 week class series, which runs from Feb 2nd – Mar 15, 5:30-7:30 pm. at the Still Water studio in Bend, OR.
The class an evidence based curriculum that melds yoga, experiential activities and emotional regulation tools for building resilience.
Natalie says, “It’s a great fit for any adults (18+) looking to improve their relationship with food, body image and emotional health.”
She also noted, Very important details: there is an application process before registration to provide the best group environment for those in an outpatient setting. Early bird pricing $330 for the whole series valid through January 12th. Check out the flyer attached for details. Or the class site for full details.

Is This Class Right for Me

This course combines yoga, experiential activities, and community support to help you transform your relationship with food, your body, and yourself. The class is for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with food, body image, and overall mental health. We welcome people of all genders and gender identities, of all shapes and sizes, from all countries and ethnic backgrounds, and we strive to never turn away anyone because of lack of funds.


A Whole Person Approach.

  • Learn to better understand and make meaning of mental health challenges, and use this insight to transform how you eat, move, and build your life.


  • Each session includes a short yoga and meditation practice, designed specifically to support body awareness, emotional wellbeing, and physical vitality.


  • The live format of this course allows you to connect with a small group, share challenges and celebrations, and support one another along the way.


  • The Eat Breathe Thrive curriculum has been the subject of four research studies, two of which are randomized controlled trials. Results show participants experienced decreases in ED behaviors, depression, and difficulties regulating emotions. They reported significantly greater use of mindfulness skills, such as interoceptive awareness, mindful self-care, and mindful eating. After a single session, participants reported immediate improvement in their sense of well-being, indicating increased state positive embodiment. Most effects were sustained at 6-month follow-up.” Learn more here.

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RO-DBT Nutrition

Radically Open Dialectic (RO-DBT) is a type of breakthrough therapy designed to treat clients with over-control disorders like chronic depression, anorexia nervosa, and obsessive compulsive disorder (also known as OCD). We have found it very helpful in when working with clients in many settings. This class focuses on using RO-DBT to improve awareness and improve flexibility for those who have triggers for emotional eating, body image stress or binge eating patterns.



Is This Class Right for Me? What do you learn in nutrition class?

This class can help with many everyday food patterns:

  • Black/white thinking about “good”/”bad” foods
  • Compulsively planning every single food
  • Struggling to clean the kitchen
  • Thoughts/fears that you may be the only one with certain food struggles
  • Rigidly controlling food all day, and overeating at night
  • Unable to feel hunger or fullness except at extremes
  • Struggling to go out to eat at a new restaurant

This virtual class will focus on how these patterns may sometimes get in the way of a healthy relationship with food and undermine self-care.


  • Empowerment through building a personalized self-care toolbox Awareness of how stressors impact nervous system regulation, which in turn affects food choices
  • A mindfulness model for setting boundaries rather than “eating your feelings.”
  • Flexibly respond to food situations with support from skills drawn from Radically Open-DBT
  • Challenge rigid, black and white thinking that leads to rumination, self-doubt, and burnout with food choices
  • Hunger/fullness awareness and steps toward greater trust for your body finding balance and flexibility with ALL food groups
  • Navigating food based on your needs and core values using mindfulness Greater confidence in how and why you eat the way you eat
  • Self-reflection tools that foster ongoing learning

Recent Attendies have this to say:

“For someone who has lived overcontrolled, this class was incredibly helpful and provided actionable tools to help add flexibility and openness into my life. Would definitely attend again 11/10”

“This class brings awareness to well-worn patterns and ways of thinking, and encourages participants to have curiosity and perform gentle inquiry.”


“This class helped me immensely; learning to become more flexible in my relationships with food and movement as well as (starting to) love and accept my whole self. It feels like a fresh start.”


 “This class will help you become more self aware. It will help you unlearn lessons that you didn’t know you had learned. It will improve your relationship with food.”


Sessions Led by:

Lynae Smith
Body Positive Nutritionist, Coach
Ruby Health and Wellness

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