Are you tired of the dieting roller coaster?


I know what I should be doing, I just don't.


I eat really well for a while, then I get derailed.


I try extreme plans then give up when they fail.


I’m great at building up enthusiasm for a new start but then it fizzles.


There’s too much conflicting information out there when it comes to nutrition.


I needs some structure and motivation.

nutrition counseling


another way?


In this nutrition coaching program you’ll:

 > build insights and boost motivation

 > develop personalized self-care tools to guide and give you structure

 > experience a heart-centered space for healing, awareness and self-love


 We’ll explore your personal food history, untangle food rules, and examine negative body talk from parents, bullies, coworkers, and others along the way.  This is work that addresses not only the worn-out, shame-based thinking from diet culture, but also dismantles the old-school beliefs and expectations inherited from the previous generation.

This three-phase program is different from diets and the traditional health model.  Rather than rules or “shoulds,” it’s a journey of healing past wounds that complicate how we think and feel about food.  It’s a relational experience rooted in self-compassion.  Are you ready to try a different approach?




A journey towards peace with food and body.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to achieve through this process:

Together, we’ll embark on a journey prioritizing long-term vitality and wellness, providing you with the tools and knowledge to make lasting and positive changes.  A few of the changes past clients have celebrated:

  • Increased freedom to honor your preferences, energy, and abilities. For some, this means a new routine with foods that are easier than ever. For others, it means embracing the inner foodie and sharpening kitchen skills.  We might brainstorm dinner ideas, explore ways to make grocery shopping easier, and find routines that fit your life.  It’s always tailored to you! 
  • Decreased preoccupation with food. For some,  these changes might mean they can eat  out at restaurants and enjoy the company of friends and family instead of obsessing over the food.  For others it means staying  present at work rather than an on-going daydream about food that takes up a lot of brain space. 
  • A shift in body image. For some, this is a journey toward celebrating the skin you’re in. For others, it’s an invitation to feel neutral about your body and stop thinking about body image as much.  Challenging the diet police and building self-compassion is critical to setting you free! 
heart centered nutrition coaching program

Take back the energy you spend focussing on losing weight and start listening to what your body needs.  Think of the time you get back!

  • Boost flexibility. Perfectionism doesn’t make us feel perfect; it makes us feel inadequate.  This shows up with thoughts like, “Why can’t I do what I plan to do?” “I need to do better,” and “I really blew it.” It can lead to paralysis and procrastination.  It also leads to cycles where the inner critic gets loud and shame takes over. By building flexibility and self-compassion, clients report improved self-image overall. 

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Jump Off the Diet/Binge Cycle

diet binge cycle



Phase 1: Heart

Unstuck Yourself

  • Tell your story
  • Debunk Myths
  • Build Insights

We start with the heart because it guides the whole process. Heart: our core, our intuition, our compass.

During Phase 1, you’ll learn  a self-care tool called the Window of Tolerance.  It builds insights that unlock the mysteries of your food patterns including things that feel stuck and show years of ups and downs.  This deconstruction phase will untangle myths and offer the chance to tell your story and know you’re not alone. 

You’ll examine previous patterns and uncover what’s keeping you stuck.  You will deconstruct old ways of thinking and step forward on a new foundation rooted in self-compassion to let your heart be the compass.   

Phase 2: Mind

A New Foundation

  • Buiding self-compassion/There’s always a reason
  • Learn Mindful Eating
  • Change how you think, and you can change how you eat.

During Phase 2, you’ll start a journey using your core values to redefine “health.” With the goal of a new foundation, we will examine and untangle every troubling food pattern and begin to set up the new one with a healing hand.

This happens through deeper awareness and self-compassion.  Some food patterns are a coping tool like stress eating; sometimes it’s old messaging causing you to feel stuck. We’ll sift through all the old learning about nutrition, debunk myths, shed old ways of thinking that don’t support you, and hold on to values-aligned goals to build a structure that is truly supportive. You’ll develop a personalized Wellness Wheel, the new blueprint for your health journey.  

Phase 3: Body


  • Paradigm shift: Bodies need care, not control 
  • Clarify motivators
  • Level up Self-Care skills 

During Phase 3, you’ll learn to use a personalized self-care tool called Food Factors to identify and embody your core values related to food and movement.  We’re using real-life examples and integrating skills into your new blueprint to implement new habits.  This way of relating to food continues the heart-centered path to treating yourself and your body with kindness in everyday life. 



Lynae has been kind, empathetic and empowering through every step.  I would recommend Lynae to anyone who needs a nonjudgmental and creative nutritionist who believes in a healthy, realistic relationship with food and is most importantly inclusive and embracing of all body types!



As a man struggling with body issues I didn’t really know where to turn.  I spent years dieting and hating myself even though externally it appeared I had a ton of success, internally I was tortured and unsure how to keep going with dieting.  I knew I had to give up dieting but by that point I didn’t even know how to eat without a guide and a calorie counter.  Working with Lynae has helped me with all that and more. I could not recommend her any more than I already do. She is amazing!



Lynae is warm, non-judgmental, and honestly everything I needed in a nutritionist.  As someone who has always felt incredibly shameful and embarrassed about food, I needed someone who was going to be able to hold my internal chaos and help me find peace.  Lynae was that person.  I highly recommend her to anyone who needs someone to help them untangle their food issues!



WHat does it cost?


Jump Start Your 


phase 1


Phase 1: Do you feel stuck? Here, you’ll get to know what has been in your way and  break down barriers to clear a path forward.  

3 Sessions

Using Window of Tolerance self-care tool to find out what is keeping you stuck. You will:

  • Tell Your Story
  • Debunk Myths
  • Build Insights



Dig Deep


phase-two, mind


Phases 1-2: In this phase you begin to lay a new foundation so you set up a wellness lifestyle.  Nourish your body with confidence.

6 Sessions

In addition to everything in Phase one, you will be developing a personalized Wellness Wheel. You will:

  • Build self-compassion for old patterns.
  • Learn Mindful Eating.
  • Change how you think and eat.

PHASE 1,2 & 3



phase-three, body


Phases 1,2,3: In the final phase you build self-care mastery.  Routines with food that fit your life and nourish your needs. Each decision is rooted in your core self to boost self-confidence and self-love. 

12 Sessions

Includes all Phase 1 & 2 modules and using a tool called Food Factors you can use your values to make choices that reflect these values. You will also:

  • Explore a paradigm shift.
  • Clarify motivators.
  • Level up Self-Care Skills.


Lynae is in-network with the following insurance companies:

  • First Choice
  • Pacific Source
  • Providence

Check our insurance page for more information.



frequently asked questions
But what do I eat?

If I give you meal ideas or food hacks right away, you’ll integrate them into the old mentality with food. We’re starting over!  We have a blueprint of our relationship with food shaped by a lifetime of influences: 

  •   What we learned (or didn’t learn) growing up.
  •   Role models that were great and not-so-great.
  •   Diet culture that told us to “try harder.”
  •   Health culture.
  •   Chaos from information overload.

The bootstraps, work harder, no-pain-no-gain is the old template.  It’s driven by the inner critic and shame that leads to guilt and frustration.  If I start with nutrition guidance and meal ideas, you’ll integrate them into the old blueprint, fueling the inner critic. Instead, we’ll dismantle the old blueprint before moving forward.

Once we have a new, flexible foundation, we can access new learning, including:

  • Mindful eating 
  • Shopping tips
  • Meal planning

We might even eat together, go shopping together, or cook together!  Each option is individualized and done with intentionality based on the kind of support you want. 

Will insurance cover this?

It depends on your plan. Many plans cover nutritional counseling, so contact your insurance carrier to see if yours does. Our insurance page gives more information about questions to ask your carrier when you call, and the nutritional counselfing codes that might be helpful.

Do you offer equity pricing?

The packages are built to help you save money by paying upfront.  We offer equity pricing for folks in the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities and one scholarship per year. Don’t hesitate to ask for pricing options. 

Are there food hacks, recipes, menu plans?

Yeah! Each program is personalized.  For some folks, we might go grocery shopping together, do some meal planning, eat together, or even cook together.  Those things might not be a priority for others, so we may never discuss them.  It depends on your goals and what will help you re-write your relationship with food. 

What if I don’t know if I can love myself?

No worries, this is a journey!  We don’t have many role models or support in our world when it comes to self-compassion.  I’m here in your corner, helping you build more self-love!

Is this therapy?

Coaching is a blend of processing and practical tools so it may feel like a blend between therapy and getting advice from a nutritionist.  That’s the magic of coaching!  

It’s not therapy though, so many clients work with a therapist in tandem to address underlying stressors and past emotional wounds that might impact food patterns.

I’m a perfectionist and often deal with guilt and self-criticism. Can you help?

Yes! This is one of the areas I love to support folks. I consider myself a recovering perfectionist, and I want to strengthen you with new learning and skills to give you have a different approach.  We’ll draw on tools such as mindfulness and Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO-DBT) to help you with this.

But my doctor still wants me to lose some weight to be healthy. Will you help me?

My role is to help you redefine your relationship with food.  This process will change patterns, old thoughts will be challenged, and new habits will emerge.  What will happen with weight? We don’t know.  Some folks lose weight, some gain weight, and for some it stays the same.  Your job is to care for your body.  Where your weight goes is ultimately up to your body.

I have some medical concerns. Can I still do this program?

Yes!  As a licensed dietitian and life coach, we can do both.  

What do you mean, relationship with food?

Our culture has a lot of language and subtle messages that shape how we think about our bodies, exercise, health, and nutrition.  For example, “no pain, no gain” is a common fitness mantra.  But if we decode it, what do we see? It’s more of a white-knuckled approach than an informed, mindful path. It has its roots in a self-critical, survival mentality rather than a self-aware, body kindness, self-love perspective.  

Let’s try another one.  “The War on Obesity”.  

The old version sounds more like bullying than body kindness.  

Because we have been around these messages our whole lives, our relationship with food is damaged. It might feel like a love-hate relationship or even abusive. I want you to have an opportunity to dismantle those old messages driven by the self-critic to create new way of thinking and feeling about food. I want to offer a foundation of kindness for nourishing your body.  

This seems like an amazing process. Can you support me in other areas?

Yes!  This process of heart-mind-body can be used to have a healthier relationship with other aspects of your life.  This might be a job, relationship, money, or your sexuality.  The same key tools will help you deconstruct old patterns, build clear insights to move you forward, use mindfulness and self-care to cope differently, and ultimately step forward in a heart-centered way.

frequently asked questions




About Lynae

Lynae Smith is a Pacific Northwest Nutritionist and Dietitian, who loves all things food! She graduated with a BS in Nutrition in 2007. Since then she’s worn many hats as a nutritionist for children, hospital dietitian, a diabetes educator, health teacher in schools, personal cook, workplace wellness program coordinator, and eating disorder nutritionist. She started a private practice in 2014 to help individuals and families find peace with food, their bodies and discover intuitive eating.

Lynae completed her coach training through Coach Training World, a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Lynae uses Whole Person Coaching in her practice; a holistic method based on the premise that when you come to know, embrace, and express all aspects of your whole self, you are positioned to thrive in any aspect of life.  You will become rich in resources, grounded in your being, and at peace within.


Whole Person Coach

Meet Lynae as she talks to a new client on a
Discovery Call (trimmed to 5 min.) Then schedule your own call using the button above, or contact her directly by phone or text: Lynae (phone or text): (541) 497-3885

Behavior Science: the foundation for this process

We’ll draw from several different therapeutic modalities throughout the process.  Phase 1 emphasizes polyvagal theory, neurobiology of hunger/fullness regulation, mindfulness, and deeper complexities of how food is linked to the stress response as part of the human drive for survival. 

In phase 2, we will do some hands-on use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy tools applied to food and movement.  In phase 3, we’ll explore mindful movement and do a lot of nutrition education that can be integrated into the new blueprint.  Throughout the process, we’ll keep an eye out for areas where the inner critic gets loud; and reach for ways to challenge perfectionism using tools from Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  Most importantly, the foundation of the whole process is mindfulness and self-compassion.  



This is a process of healing, not “fixing” that brings you into harmony with your core self.  You’ll dig deep and get vulnerable to build insights and self-care skills.   You’ll let go of rules and nourish your body in a way that honors your core values. You’ll  challenge perfectionism and strengthen flexibility.  This process is liberating!  It frees up energy to focus on other things instead of preoccupation with food and the burden of  weight worry. You will experience the inner critic quieting down and step forward with a new health template empowering you to nourish  yourself with confidence and self-love. 

I’m looking forward to working with you!


Lynae Smith
Ruby Health and Wellness