Learn more about healthy aging and older adult health with the Ruby Health and Wellness team!

  • Seniors have different nutritional requirements than children and adults, and we can help you navigate this area of your life!
  • Older adults often need more vitamins and nutrients than they are getting, and we can help with thoughtful insight into how to healthily age!
  • We are here to help emphasize the importance of diet and help you or someone you care about get back on the right track with food!
  • Unfortunately, there are many myths about senior nutrition and senior health needs. Fortunately, we can help you clear up any misconceptions you may have!
  • Current standard nutritional guidelines may have adverse effects on the health of seniors, as they may not take into account medications or health conditions. With our personalized health plans, you can finally know what’s best for you!
  • It is also never too late to begin improving or maintaining your health. Let us help!

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About Healthy Aging


Some older adults are not aware of the effect that their diet is having on their health. Many people (not just seniors!) are not aware that nutritional and dietary needs change with age.

We can help you regain or sharpen your intuitive eating practices, as some older adults tend to lose their body’s natural hunger or thirst cues with age.  We can provide more insight into your intuitive eating and changing taste, and point you in the right direction for your health!

We can  create a custom diet plan for you that is tailored to any existing health conditions, medications, budget, or taste. It doesn’t stop there – we provide insight into how to take charge of your health on all different levels!

The Ruby Health and Wellness team can help you address your changing dietary needs or concerns. We can provide valuable insight into your health and provide personalized care that’s unique to you!

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