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Notice: Due to the spread of COVID-19, Ruby Health and Wellness is continuing to offer Telehealth visits. *

We are: An Oregon-based collection of wellness providers offering Intuitive eating nutrition, body image counseling, life coaching, and yoga. Advocates for compassionate self-care and peace w/ food & body.


Our nutrition team can help you with:

  • Body Image and Weight concerns
  • Eating Disorders
  • Mental Health and its Role in Nutrition
  • Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness
  • Gestational Diabetes, Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes concerns
  • Peace with food, ending the diet mentality and practicing joyful eating
  • Emotional Eating and Binge Eating
  • Virtual Visits for Health and Wellness
For Mental Health Services, Click Here to learn about Kristen.

* Please contact your insurance provider to ensure that Ruby Telehealth Visits  are covered under your plan.

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Formerly Ruby Slippers Wellness

Find Balance

Integrative medicine puts the patient at the center and examines the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health. As partners in this process, we will take all of these things into consideration when restoring your health. Learn more about Intuitive Eating here.


Are you being good to yourself? This is the beginning of all of life. Can you achieve optimal health and happiness without self-love? Can you show others real love without genuinely loving yourself? Think about this question. . .

No More Games

Instead of counting calories, start listening to your body! We were born knowing when to eat and when to stop. The nutritionists at Ruby Health and Wellness can assist you in learning those skills again. They will help you take a look at the emotional reasons you eat. Refocusing instead on signals our bodies naturally give us every day.

5 Important Ways Life Coaching and Values Correspond

Nutritionist Lynae Smith, talks about her transition into Life Coaching after becoming frustrated with the one-dimensional nature of nutrition counseling.  She is now using tools gained from many years in counseling clients with eating disorders, as well as values she brings to the table, to work with individuals on a more whole body perspective.

Start Your Adventure!

Ruby. A Heart Stone.

The ruby reminds us that the journey to finding peace with food means tapping into your intuition, trusting your body and mind and claiming your inner power. Ruby Health and Wellness includes our nutrition team and providers from multiple disciplines who are dedicated to supporting your journey. We honor your whole person — physically and emotionally — in a compassionate self-care model.
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From a Grateful Client:

“Before working with Lynae, I had only seen hospital-based outpatient dietitians. The sessions were monotonous and filled with advice I could have given myself. I didn’t know what to expect or what I could get from an outpatient dietician, but I hoped there was more. Working with Lynae was a vastly different experience. Sessions were a combination of nutrition, therapy, and healing connection.


I learned about what really goes on inside my body- digestion, repair, metabolism, etc. – as opposed to what diet culture told me about my body- certain foods and portions are bad, carbs and fat make me gain weight, etc.. We worked to understand the underlying struggles and influences that led to my food, body, and exercise beliefs. Lynae adapted to my changing needs- varying levels of nutrition guidance- and never lacked new ideas of ways to challenge me. She was vital in my journey towards healing my relationship to food, exercise, and my body, towards self-trust and becoming the expert on my own body.”


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Learn more about Ruby Health and Wellness by reading what we’re discussing lately. The first article ‘Intuitive​ Eating Defined’ is a great place to start.
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Intuitive Eating Defined
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All About Kristin Ales Counseling


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Lynae Smith, RDN, LD

Lynae Smith, RDN, LD

Founder, Nutritionist and Coach

Natalie Murphy, RDN

Natalie Murphy, RDN


Makena Whitaker, MS, RDN, LD

Makena Whitaker, MS, RDN, LD


Kristin Ales, MA LPCi

Kristin Ales, MA LPCi

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapist

Satisfied Clients

“I was worn down by years of dieting. In her gentle, kind way, she opened my eyes to alternative ways to look at food. With her help, I started to see my strict, black and white rules fade and be replaced with more workable solutions. I highly recommend her style and insight to help anyone learn to live healthy around food!”

“From my journey to make peace, I did not get what I hoped for, but what I got is nothing short of a miracle. It didn’t come to me with great fanfare. In fact, I barely noticed it at all. I read Health at Every Size several years ago after 35 years of the diet/weight gain […]”

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