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Lynae Smith, RDN, LD

Body Positive Nutritionist, Life Coach, Registered Dietitian
Owner of Ruby Health and Wellness
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Are you struggling with finding peace in your body? Is your relationship with food obsessive and complicated? Has your food intake become scary or secretive? Lynae is here to help. You can have a peaceful relationship with food–freeing you to focus on all the other essential areas of your life.


Lynae Smith says stop the war within your body and mind. Dieting; Deprivation; Breaking; Guilt/Shame; Deciding to Diet again….
So often the journey toward healthy eating feels like a war within. It seems like an exhausting tug-of-war, and more than anything, we crave peace with food and harmony with our bodies. Is this possible? Lynae believes the answer is yes! Moreover, she helps her clients on a personal journey towards trusting their body and experiencing food with a new sense of freedom. Instead of fear– confidence. Instead of shame– dignity.

All too often we have internalized an expectation that our body size is the thing that we need to fix. Lynae believes that health happens now. Taking care of your health doesn’t happen 10lbs from now, it happens today.

The problem that lies at the core is the feeling that if I change my body, then my life will be perfect; I will find love; I will be happy; I will live my life entirely. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking can leave someone feeling trapped and always waiting for a different body before you feel permission to eat with enjoyment or live a full life.

Lynae has the gift of being able to be fully present for the people that she works with. It is clear upon meeting and talking with her that she isn’t self-interested; she practices in a way that allows you to be there for yourself, on your own terms, however and whenever you are ready. Her comprehensive approach allows for all kinds of foods, feelings, and worldviews to fit. You can show up, wholly as you are and do the work that will help you redefine or come to a new understanding about yourself.

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Lynae over many years, and she has gotten to know many different versions of “me.” When I first started working with Lynae I was a stubborn eighteen-year-old who couldn’t stop rolling their eyes, was always ready for the session to be over and who constantly wanted to “just move on” from any difficult topic or challenge. Lynae met the twenty-year-old version of me who grappled with what adulthood looked like in practice, so I could explore who I was and how my relationship with food and my body influence my life and my identity. Lynae also met the twenty-three year old version of me, who managed to expand my world in all of the ways I wanted, and she walked beside me while I stumbled through all of life’s challenges until I was finally confident in my own ability to catch myself with any slip or fall.

I have worked with many practitioners, but there is something unique about the way Lynae approaches her work. She’s never going to be “just another coach,” the same way she was never “just a dietician.” You can tell she has found what she is passionate about, cares about her work, and is good at what she does. She creates a place where you can feel safe, seen, and grow in your own way. If it appears that I am simply gushing about how helpful Lynae has been in my journey: I am. I cannot fully express the gratitude I have for Lynae and could not recommend her enough to anybody who is seeking support.

M. L.

Education and Background

Lynae Smith is a Pacific Northwest Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who loves all things food! She graduated with a BS in Nutrition in 2007. Since then she’s worn many hats as a nutritionist for children, hospital dietitian, a diabetes educator, health teacher in schools, personal cook, workplace wellness program coordinator, and eating disorder nutritionist. She started a private practice in 2014 to help individuals and families find peace with food, their bodies and discover intuitive eating.

Lynae has been in the field of nutrition for many years. She’s worked as a clinical dietitian in hospitals, a diabetes educator, and taught nutrition and fitness for grades K-8. She’s been a personal cook for a family of four in a tiny village in Denmark and has taught workplace wellness for years. She works with eating disorders from an intuitive eating framework and incorporates a no-nonsense, non-diet approach into all nutrition consulting.

Lynae Smith offers private nutrition counseling that extends beyond diet facts and menu planning and reaches into the complexities that surround food and behavior modification. That is where we find success as we strive for well-being. Lynae specializes in: nutrition education, diet burnout, emotional eating, compulsive overeating, eating disorders, exercise addiction, diabetes management, intuitive eating, non-diet approach, and lifestyle change.

Working with Clients

Lynae starts with a focus on food neutrality and positive body image. She begins with really getting to know the person and making sure they get in touch with their mind and body. That is a massive step toward a healthier relationship with food. She works with each person individually as opposed to jumping right into a one size fits all kind of plan. She listens to each person’s struggles, needs, and goals and helping do what it takes to get there one step at a time.

“Thanks Lynae.  I have never felt that I am on a “diet” since I started this journey. I have made a lifestyle​ change and it’s working! Yipeeee! Thanks for all you did to get me started, you made something in my little mind click. When you go to bed tonight know this one thing: you made a difference in someone’s life. Mine. For that I thank you.” C.P.

Lynae works with clients ages 18+ and focuses on:

  • Weight concerns
  • Binge Eating
  • Diabetes management
  • Making peace with food
  • Whole person coaching
  • Health at Every Size®


When asked about her self-care practices, this is what Lynae said:

I find that self-care is not something that’s a luxury but a necessity. As a highly sensitive person, I set out to do something each day to help me stay grounded and refreshed. It impacts my ability to be social and stay connected to loved ones, and it’s the difference between being present in life or feeling drained and hollow. I love my job, and I love projects, so stopping to relax is often a struggle. I have learned that planning a road trip to sit by the lake or taking a weeknight off to watch TV is a healthy thing that helps me keep my balance. Some other self-care I love includes play time with my dog, journaling, time with friends, going to live music, and listening to comedians. 

Lynae Smith, RDN, LD
Nutritionist/Dietitian and Coach

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM

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Phone: +1 (541) 497-3885

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Lynae works with these insurance carriers:
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  • Pacific Source
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
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  • OHP/Medicaid
  • Providence
  • Moda

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