Diabetes management

With our Diabetes Management resources, we can be your ally on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • I have been diagnosed with Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes and am unsure where to go from here.
  • I would like active help or even just an ally to help me create a healthier lifestyle.
  • I am unsure how to cope with this diagnosis, or what changes I need to make.
  • I release perfectionism and instead observe my setbacks and obstacles with grace so that I can keep learning.
  • I am committed to my own self-care and personal development.

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Meet the Ruby Health Team!

Lynae completed her education and training in the Pacific Northwest, and she strives to give back to the community by helping individuals from all walks of life find peace with food.

Lynae has a background in nutrition and has been helping people with many different backgrounds for over a decade. She has a bachelor’s in nutrition and has spent the past 5 years devoting continuing education in behavioral health to sharpen her skills in helping people navigate the food-mood connection.

A Licensed Dietitians can help you begin your journey into regaining health and wellness and truly loving your body.

How do they differ from other nutritionists? They look beyond diet facts, menu planning, and shame and reach into the complexities that surround food and behavior modification. That is where they find success as they strive for well-being.

Through this method, Ruby Health team members have found that addressing self-care related to nutrition touches on every area of a person: mind, body, heart, and spirit. Their passion is empowering people to live their best life by integrating care of each of these areas into their overall health and wellness.

The Ruby team, wants to see you live your best life, starting today! Find out more about the members of the Ruby Wellness team here!

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