Hannah Saffold, RDN, LD

Body Positive Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian
Founder of Hannah Saffold Nutrition

Pronouns: she/her
In-network with most major insurance companies

840 Martin St
Eugene, Oregon 97405

In-Person and Virtual appointments Available

Phone: (458) 239-9899
Fax: (458) 201 – 6891

Are you ready to repair your relationship with food, your body, and yourself? What would it be like to trust and nourish your body? Are you ready to finally be at peace and find more ease around food?
Hannah provides client-focused nutrition therapy and will truly meet you where you are at, while gently nudging you towards your nutrition goals. Her love for working with nutrition stems from her core belief in the transformational power of nutrition therapy and personal growth work.


Hannah’s nutrition therapy practice is grounded in patience and trust. She uses an individualized approach to support you in building your confidence and trust in yourself and your body. You can expect a warm and process-oriented style that addresses your goals, as well as support in working through roadblocks that have kept you stuck in the past. Nutrition therapy is very much a blend of “nutrition” and “therapy.”

With Hannah, you will find compassionate respectful care that acknowledges you as a whole person. You will receive weight-inclusive care, which means we don’t focus on the number on the scale but rather how are you taking care of your body with food and living in alignment with your core beliefs and values. If you feel like there are beliefs in you that are no longer serving you, we explore what it might feel like to let them go. This can be a scary process, but also one filled with hope and ultimately freedom.

Education & Background:

Hannah received her education and training from University of California, Davis and University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. She became a dietitian in 2006. She is currently getting her Master of Science degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison, which is expected in 2024.

Motivated by her own healing, she started working in the eating disorder field in 2011 and has never looked back. Professionally, she has been worked in many different settings over the years:  2 major teaching hospitals, several eating disorder treatment facilities, nutrition director for an intensive outpatient program, and is an associate faculty teaching nutrition at a community college. The common thread throughout her work is her passion to help people learn to nourish and trust their bodies, treat them with respect, and live a life in alignment with their true values.

She is excited to be part of the Ruby Health and Wellness Collective and finds being in community with other, like-minded professionals to be a very important part of being a grounded and fulfilled dietitian. Check out Hannah’s website to learn more about her and her services.

Specializes In:

I work with clients 16+ who may have a variety of health concerns.
Some of them include:
• Weight concerns
• Eating disorders (all types)
• Binge eating
• Disordered eating, emotional eating, chronic dieting
• Hyperlipidemia, High cholesterol
• Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes
• High Blood Pressure

Self Care:

Hannah lives with her family and two school-aged kids in Eugene Oregon. Taking time in nature, watercolor, watching shows, listening to podcasts, and going on adventures helps to fill her cup. To be able to hold the emotional space for clients, she prioritizes her emotional and physical health daily. Part of this is maintaining connection and relationships with her family and friends. 

Interests & Passions:

Many dietitians get into the field of nutrition with the hope of healing themselves. Struggling with our own food and body image while in the nutrition field can feel very isolating, confusing, exhausting, shameful, secretive, and painful. Hannah has developed the Nutrition Insight Project, which is a space for nutrition students, dietitians, or health professionals to work on their own relationship with food and their body. It includes a course, a podcast, outreach, and advocacy. She believes it is essential for healthcare professionals and dietitians to build a strong foundation around nutrition and body image themselves, so they can be grounded, aligned, and resilient nutrition professionals.

Hannah works with these insurance carriers:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Regence
  • Providence
  • PacificSource Commercial
  • PacificSource Community Solutions (OHP)
  • Self-Pay is $180 initial visit / $150 follow-up


Please be aware that being in-network is not the same as having coverage for nutrition. Please go to our insurance page for more information.

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