Today, the Ruby Health and Wellness team says goodbye to Kristen Ales. Kristen has decided to continue her calling of body positivity work and join the Rimrock Trails Treatment Services program.

Kristen and Lynae discuss the next Steps on her Journey:

Lynae: “Kristen, what is your next step on your journey?”
Kristen: After working in private practice for the last two years, I will be transitioning to working as a therapist at Rim Rock Trails here in Bend, OR.  I am so thankful for the time I have spent working with you, Lynae, as well as Makena and Natalie at Ruby Health and Wellness.  Since covid and the shut down in March, I have been primarily working from home, and have experienced a great sense of loneliness like so many others. While I have always dreamt of working remotely, the last 8 months how important community is to me and my overall mental health and well-being. Working at Rim Rock will provide me a sense of connection with coworkers and the Bend community. 


Lynae: If someone is wanting to work with you, can they? 
Kristen: Yes! I will be walking my current clients through the process of getting set up through Rim Rock, and if someone is interested in working with me I can take referrals as well. 
I look forward to continuing supporting clients through body image and disordered eating struggles through Rim Rock Trails where I will be able to expand my offerings through insurance and community programming.
Lynae: Awesome!  how can they reach you?  
Kristen: Clients can call the outpatient coordinator at 541-388-8459 or visit to schedule an assessment. Through working at Rim Rock, I will now be able to take most insurance.
Kristin Ales nutritionist bend OR

“Thank you Ruby for giving me an opportunity to pursue my dreams and help make Bend, OR a more inclusive space for ALL bodies.  As a therapist that works from a HAES lens, it can be so difficult to find other providers that truly care about doing size-inclusive work. I have felt supported and encouraged to learn and grow as a therapist alongside these Ruby women and feel honored to be given the chance to work so closely together.”

From Lynae:

“Kristen has been such an amazing addition to the Bend community.  Her passion, heart, and enthusiasm for helping others is apparent from the first time you meet her!  We feel privileged to have worked alongside her at Ruby Health and Wellness, and wish her well in her next steps with Rim Rock Trails. I gladly recommend her to anyone who may be considering working with her.   Kristen is deeply committed to helping folks on their journey to becoming more whole, and heal their relationship with their bodies and brings warmth, inclusivity, and joy into each client relationship.”

To contact Kristen, check out Rim Rock Trails

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